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About Us

This portal is formed by a group of senior journalists who are working in various media institutions. Journalists often come across numerous scoop stories in the course of their work. However, many of these are not reaching the readers through the media for a variety of reasons. But the general public have the right to know such news items. When these are being left out by the Newspapers and Channels, their way to the people are being blocked. The above-mentioned journalist community has started Scoop Eye as a medium to communicate such abandoned but important news items to the people. We strongly believe that Scoop Eye is the medium of the future, and through this novel medium a journalist can interact with the readers without any intermediaries. All journalists who work in any registered media house can give news items to this portal. The readers can thus go through these items without being subjected to any editing or censoring. They are also provided with the facilities to rate the news and react to them.

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